What is Personal Finance: I'm in Charge®?

The Program

It's a financial education program for young adults. Our training programs are based on a dynamic and hands-on approach. With the help of a network of accredited trainers across Quebec and Ontario, workshops are available both in-class and online.

Our Goals

Develop financial independence among young adults and give them the tools to make smart and responsible consumer choices in line with their values.

Our Values

We offer neutral and objective content while breaking down money-related taboos. Our program also seeks to counter the prejudices associated with financial problems and to reduce the pressure that comes from our consumer society.

Parcours disponibles

Money in Everyday Life

Discover 1001 tips and tricks to make better financial decisions in everyday life.   The goal? Let your finances reflect your values and priorities!

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Finances and Peace of Mind

Practice fulfilling your civic obligations, respecting your commitments and asserting your rights in an informed manner. To feel more relaxed and confident!

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Making My Project a Reality

Plan the projects that are important to you using a solid approach, which highlights all the facets to consider. Because some dreams do come true!

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Decipher Savings and Investment

Dive into the world of savings and learn how to create an investment strategy tailored to your aspirations. And make the interest work for you!

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Introduction to financial life

Discover a range of essential concepts, practical tips and tools to get you started on your journey to mastering your personal finances. Take control of your situation!

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How our paths can create a positive impact

Interactive workshops

Through interactive reflections, practical exercises and exciting discussions, you'll discover the concepts to remember and the habits to implement in your life. No time to get bored!

Online Learning

Continue your learning in a dynamic, interactive environment, where you can broaden your horizons and tackle topics that complement your workshop experience.

Reinforcement and Practice

Tackle practical exercises that will reinforce your understanding. Because practice is essential to ensure that what you learn is reflected in your bank account.




Desjardins accredited trainers.


hours of content in class and online.


What I find great about a program like this is that it uses a learning model that is dynamic and, above all, interesting for young people.

Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi

Rosemont/Petite-Patrie, Quebec

At first, I didn't think that these workshops concerned. I'm 17 year old and I don't have any bills to pay or any debts. After you asked me to set some financial goals, I realized that this was something that it was for me. As a result, I was able to save enough money to buy my first truck. I also shopped around around and opened my savings account, which is helping me to build my capital.


Campbell’s Bay, Quebec

For a young person, free access is really important! I can take part in workshops that teach me how to make better consumer choices. That way, I can avoid mistakes that could cost me dearly! I'm a double winner!


Intensive Learning Center, Quebec

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